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Flute Australia: Reviews

Lisa-Maree Amos's flute solo during Casta Diva was a memorable highlight, performed with requisite delicacy and refinement. Limelight Magazine review of Bellini's Norma, with Victorian Opera at Melbourne Recital Centre, August 2014.

Lisa-Maree Amos of Orchestra Victoria [Melbourne] excels in Precious First Rat, where her gamboling alto flute is paired with Haladyna’s celesta. CD Jeremy Haladyna's Mayan Cycle, Precious First Rat for Alto Flute and Celesta

Orchestra Victoria did a splendid job, especially Lisa-Maree Amos on flute (it’s kind of important for this one.) Victorian Opera Mozart's Magic Flute

Lisa-Maree Amos' flute playing is also worth mentioning here, she plays with a lovely tone and a beautiful sense of phrasing. Duo performances on CD Below, with Peter Sheridan Review from the British Flute Society

The disc's jewel is the Adagio and Variations especially composed for the Solo Flautist at Opera Garnier, the beloved Paul Taffanel. Hats off to Lisa-Maree Amos who executes this passage with surpassing grace.

CD recording of Elan, the ballet music of Saint-Saens


"Sheer golden sound - the flutist Lisa-Maree Amos was outstanding"
Richard Dyer - Boston Globe
"Finely played by Lisa-Maree Amos - an altogether excellent concert
Michael White - Independent on Sunday, UK
Inspired performances thrill music-fest crowd at the Colorado Music Festival.
Opening the program was Wagner's moving "Siegfried Idyll," written for the composer's lover, Cosima.
Of note throughout the program were standout performances by principal flute, Lisa-Maree Amos.
Sabine Kortals - Denver Post
"The second half of the program brought a stunning performance of Claude Debussy's Sonate for Flute, Viola and Harp. Flutist Lisa-Maree Amos brought magic to the Boulder Theater with crystalline playing"
Colorado Daily, USA

Flute Audition Success 2008-2010

Dear Lisa, “Audition Success 2010” in Melbourne was an excellent experience. You touched all aspects of professional orchestral playing as well as preparation for playing an audition. I enjoyed all discussions, comments and great performances of other participants. Thank you for your fantastic individual approach and brilliant demonstrations. I really had a great time ! 

Michal Rosiak, NSW 


MR, NSW - Flute Audition Success Melbourne

Thanks heaps for the video and e-mail. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and found it really informative and inspiring! I thought it was very well organised and worked really well. I loved the way you persisted in getting the best out of all the performers throughout the weekend. It was very empowering as both a performer and observer. I learnt a lot about phrasing and tone quality presented in ways I hadn't heard before which was really refreshing and exciting. I feel like you identified the problem areas in my playing immediately and gave me direct and tangible ways of overcoming these... so it was amazing to finally have a breakthrough. I can already hear a huge improvemnt in my playing and am looking forward to getting better...

CH. NZ - Flute Audition Success Melbourne
“With regard to the audition course, I found
it invaluable! To be able to play excerpts and get feedback from someone with your experience on both sides of the screen is something that is not normally available to an upcoming flute player”.
P.F. from Victoria - Flute Audition Success 2008
"From the day that I had that master class
and on my playing has improved and my thinking of the flute itself as my instrument, has changed. You did put my playing to another level “.
D.J. from Macau - Flute Audition Success 2008 (Nov 17, 2008)
“That's great that you're doing the course again, because I found it very helpful. I'm much more positive and confident about auditions now as a
result, and have a deeper understanding of what is expected at auditions”. AY, VIC
A.Y. from Victoria - Flute Audition Success 2008 (Nov 17, 2008)
“ I’m just writing to say what a great time I had with you in Melbourne last weekend. Your Flute Audition Success was extremely well organised and most beneficial”.
M.N. from Queensland - Flute Audition Success 2008 (Nov 17, 2008)
"Yes I enjoyed your masterclass imensely. I liked the way you approached the excerpts and made it useful for the observers as well as the players by not getting bogged down on players specific problems and yet not overlooking them either. In particular I got a lot out of your audition preparation segment. I thought I had heard it all before but I found the way you explained and worked through the audition process very beneficial. I feel that, after the masterclass, my preparation for auditions has been far more effective and focused. The DVD was an invaluable tool which really highlighted areas of my playing that required attention."
E.H. from Victoria - Flute Audition Success 2008 (Nov 17, 2008)

"An enormous amount of information was presented in a clear and engaging manner..........The seminar was interesting and inspiring and absolutely worth attending."

J.C. from Melbourne

Thanks so much again for your course, it was a fantastic way to start the year, I have been really inspired. I have been practicing lots and learning all the excerpts I can!

I was wondering when you are coming to Sydney for the course here? I am still really keen to do another mock audition with you and get some more feedback. Also I would love to watch your course.

Thanks again, E

EL, Sydney - Flute Audition Success Melbourne

Private lessons

I found your lesson advice
valuable preparing for the APO audition. I made the final round...
A.W. from New Zealand (Nov 17, 2008)